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  • n. Plural form of starchitect.


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  • Some buildings, however, are harder to live with than others, and in recent years a growing number of them have been the work of big-name "starchitects" who appear at times to be more interested in making a splash than in ensuring the day-to-day livability of their buildings.

    Not in My Front Yard

  • Ironically, it's the ego of today's most acclaimed 'starchitects' that has adversely impacted both places.

    Michael Henry Adams: The Art of the Steal: Betraying Dr. Albert Barnes and Future Generations

  • Many of them continue to wave the bloody shirt of Modernist urbanism, and associate contemporary architecture with that, when virtually no one anywhere, including the "starchitects" who design the big, flashy buildings New Urbanists tend not to like, advocates the urbanism of Le Corbusier, Gropius, and C.I.A.M. In America, that kind of thinking has been discredited for 50 years (although adapted forms of it are still being built elsewhere, such as in China).

    Frank Gruber: Report From the Denver New Urbanism Congress, Part 2

  • There is a generation of young architects and critics that is righteously indignant at the "architecture of excess" (by this they mean the sculptural buildings built over the last 10-15 years by Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Rem Koolhaas and fellow "starchitects").

    Frances Anderton: "Excess" Versus "Relevance" Is an Irrelevant Debate

  • While Frank Lloyd Wright is mentioned (or implicated) as part of the rogue's gallery of "starchitects" who Silber feels railroaded common sense in architecture; there's still a soft spot for Wright in the author's heart (for Fallingwater, of course.)

    When Buildings Stopped Making Sense

  • But now "starchitects" are taking the trend a step further, making the move into designing fashion themselves, bringing some characteristics of their work to a new discipline.

    Big-Name Architects Start Designing

  • "Now, what we call 'starchitects' are being asked to come up with a vision of what a city should look like and how its growth should occur," says urban theorist Richard Sennett, professor of sociology at New York University.

    Designer Cities:

  • Riding a rise in the popularity of their wines, Spanish vintners are hiring "starchitects" like Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid and Santiago Calatrava to turn their once simple, functional operations into tourist destinations.

    Bodega Boom

  • Not that the era of "starchitects" is exactly over.

    Building Recognition

  • And the buildings that house the art icons of our time -- the Hirsts, the Serras, the Warhols -- are designed by today's "starchitects," a few of whom also figure on our list.

    The Power 100


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