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  • n. Plural form of stardate.


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  • Star Wars versus Star Trek is a geek debate that has raged through enough stardates to fill up an entire captain's log.

    George Lucas is Gonna Sue Somebody: J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Looks Oddly Familiar

  • I like for example, that Bajor on Star Trek:DS9 has a 26 hour day, however, time on the star ships is kept in terms of stardates.

    Time to Change to Standard Time!

  • (The spaceships will not be numerical order, though, just as stardates in the original Trek were not.)

    Seattle Worldcon 2011 bid art (draft)

  • But outside of Starfleet personnel, who knows what stardates are?

    The Case of the Colonist’s Corpse

  • Sisko smiled in relief as his back spasm ended, as suddenly as it had begun, and as he at the same time relived a sudden memory of the one sticking point Jake—like most five-year-olds—had had when it came to learning stardates.


  • The last time he had had this basic a conversation with anyone about stardates, Jake had been five and sitting on his knee, struggling to get his Flotter Forest Diary program to work on the new padd Sisko had given him for his birthday.


  • And once a person gets used to the idea that stardates can seem to run backward from place to place, depending on your direction and speed of travel, it becomes an exceedingly simple calculation to convert from local time to stardate anywhere in the galaxy.


  • During that time, in one small section of the galaxy, an arbitrary numbering system of stardates rolled over from 51999.9 to 52000.0.


  • Over the next several stardates it would radiate out to starbase after starbase down the line, and thence to every ship in the Fleet.

    Dwellers in the Crucible

  • I was not the freakish sort who spent time memorizing stardates and other minutia of particular episodes.

    Epinions Recent Content for Home


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