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  • adj. Seeking inordinate personal benefits from the wishes and needs of a celebrity.
  • n. : the activity of having sexual relations with celebrities


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star (celebrity) + fucking


  • And yes, if you're starfucking, that is the girl from 24.

    Comments for BrightestYoungThings

  • Do they still show films like The Informer (or Murnau's Last Laugh, or other classics of German Expressionism) in film classes, or is it all Theory plus starfucking these days?

    Woodpeckers I Have Known: James Wolcott

  • Not to put too fine a point on it, but, if this were put through a "Straight Talk" filter and actually translated into genuine straight talk befitting the mavericky delicious conductor of the Straight Talk Express, it would just show a picture of Obama next to a white girl with the narration: "Your idiot starfucking daughters and faggoty sons want to do sexay times with this black man, White America."

    What the hell is wrong with John McCain?

  • In fact, if I could combine my time travel and my starfucking, Simon LeBon would be mine, circa 1983.

    Meme Break

  • When I was young, so-called “media journalism” then was just what it is now, what we called “starfucking,” and amounted to writing PR for media corporations in “music journals” of the time.

    Ghosts of Tim Leary and Hunter Thompson

  • Met RW, went to the downtown cast party and other various starfucking things - It was terrible to see the final result and we only saw it once, years ago.

    send in the nouns

  • OTOH, she is part of our whole starfucking and consumerist culture.


  • Sean always makes fun of my little adventures in starfucking, and I admit it's fun, but here's my ground rules: I only talk to people when there's an "in," I only bother people if I've actually loved a specific thing (or piece of art) they've created, and if there is none of these things, I don't even look at them as they pass out of respect to their privacy.

    let my cameron go

  • I FU*KED ALEC BALDWIN IN HIS A*S -- a first-person autobiographical account of an alleged starfucking incident.

    Boing Boing: August 15, 2004 - August 21, 2004 Archives

  • I was dying to ask Mr. Rushdie how on earth he survived a decade of fatwa but that's what starfucking morons do, and I'm only half of that.

    remains of the day


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