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  • v. Present participle of stark.


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  • Minority can only succeed if it makes a starking, positive difference with the Majority.

    Republican Study Committee YouTube Response to Obama Speech - Congressman_Tom_Price’s blog - RedState

  • But, you have so clearly showed not only me but others that you are a stone starking bonafide nut to the thousandth power. lol just me = Lucifer, the devil, a powerless demon ...

    Yahoo! Sports - Top News

  • One of the odd similarities between Bill Clinton and George W. Bush is their ability to drive their opponents starking, raving mad.


  • I watched the show and while they were talking about her "jaw-dropping" performance on youtube, and searches of her on youtube, there was your videos and you name being zoomed up for a very short 1 / 10 second …. but I saw it, and wow …. and they even showed your starking videos … great! zilje

    Coolsmurf Domain

  • A consortium of eco-neighbourly authors put together by activist Mikey Koffman of The Gallery Los Angeles, the manifest consisted of five segments, with each architect starking a paltry store.

    The Oregon Catalyst

  • I like that his Clark Kent isn't a total moron/wimp/clumsy guy (though Grant Morrison plays that out nicely in ASS), I like his take on Lex Luthor, and I really, really like Krypton as a sterile, emotionless, alien world (the contrast between the childhood he'd have if he grew up on Krypton and the childhood he actually had with the Kents is starking, and strenghtens his bond with his adoptive parents and planet, I think) .

    It could have been worse: Part 1, the John Byrne reboot

  • I get it, but it’s annoying when Twilight gets so many starking reviews from people because they’re blinded by this appeal, rather than looking past it an actually getting down to analysing a book.

    Book Review: Twilight | Heretical Ideas Magazine

  • I remember from watching this korean show a while ago, and I dont remember what it was called! and i cant seem to find it anywhere ... so basically the joke was .. there were 3 people, and they go around making jokes and this one guy said, in korean of course, 'if a star becomes a king, does it become starking (stocking)?' and this other guy said 'is a bean (kong) become a king, does it become king kong?'

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions

  • i will say it again thank you for subbing charice video with starking, if it is not i dont think she will be this famous .. your also one of the reason why she's famous … if you want to watch new videos of her just go to charicemania. com, they always posting new videos of charice, thanks .. good day

    Coolsmurf Domain


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