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  • n. Plural form of starveling.


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  • Their development is arrested, or they are, from the beginning, poor creatures born of starvelings, and perhaps fated to give birth to pale, sapless beings like themselves.

    The Kempton-Wace Letters

  • The wonder of this being that thanks to the wars and attendant famines visited on particularly Munster, according to Spenser 'a most populous and plentiful counry was suddenly left void of man and beast' and according to Sir Valentine Browns "not one of thirty persons" had survived the wars and "those for the most part starvelings."

    Dead heads and humanists

  • For the moment, it seems like Pyongyang can't build an ICBM capable of reaching Beverly Hills or Kerry Healey's mansion...but that could change over time based on how much moolah Komrade Kim wants to waste on missiles in a nation neck deep in starvelings.

    The Chimes at Midnight

  • At each stroke the ten rowers, Dravidian starvelings, ran forward and plunged their long primitive oars, with heart-shaped blades, into the water.

    Burmese Days

  • Maybe only someone who as a child had never been certain whether there would be a next meal would have noticed the difference, but Alberich had learned early which were the well-fed children (and thus, dangerous, for they could bully him with impunity) and which the starvelings like himself (which he could defend himself against without fear of retribution).

    Exile's Honor

  • It deals with the very foundations of human existence including food, the lack and superabundance thereof, great gluttons and untold starvelings, the joys of the palate and crusts from the rich man's table.

    Nobel Lecture - Literature 1999

  • In addition he was well set-up and healthy, not like the starvelings and plague victims.


  • "In case the other starvelings aloft decide to leave me with naught but scrapings!"

    Storm Breaking

  • The bloody repulse at Adobe Walls, the year of warfare and manhunt that followed, and the last starvelings, led by Quanah, going onto the reservation in 1875.

    The Boat of a Million Years

  • When Henry of Blois shifts, all men shift with him, like starvelings huddled in one bed.

    The Pilgrim of Hate


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