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  • adv. toward the stars
  • adj. which leads or points towards the stars

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To or toward the stars.
  • Pointiug or reaching to the stars.


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  • Bored and gazing starward from the observatory at the time, our conversations started casually enough.

    365 tomorrows » 2007 » July : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • Water from a broken hydrant geysered into the night, a pale starward stream.

    Etched in Bone

  • So cooler than the sun, but probably still hot enough to make at least the starward pole a lava ocean.

    Second Smallest Exoplanet Found | Universe Today

  • When they finally closed down, Discovery would be hurtling starward at almost thirty miles a second.


  • Why in all these years had we kept our gaze starward, hoping to escape this world, and so learned almost nothing of the secrets that it held?


  • Only the fans and the small hiss of the air supply break the silence, and he turns starward, shocked by the moon hovering clear and bright above.


  • It was not even day, except by a clock set to North American hours; and at the moment Earth was some hundred million kilometers to starward, while night still lay over Clement Base.


  • She graduated to deckhand, then mate-cum-engineer, still unpaid, her eyes turned starward each night that was unclouded.

    The Stars Are Also Fire

  • At first he thought the "transport station" was open to space, that the locals had restraint fields as in the high beyond. then he noticed the pillars merged into transparent walls. they were still indoors in the old-fashioned way, but the view .... they were on the starward side of the arc. the ring particles were like dark fish floating silently a few tens of meters out from him.

    A Fire Upon the Deep

  • The Tukar'ramin's view tilted, following a black fleck of impurity up the glowing pipeline, starward, into sucking void, high beyond air's clutching.

    Tides Of Light


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