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  • adj. comparative form of stately: more stately


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  • Where the pinot noir was a young, sassy wine, the merlot was a little statelier -- dry and elegant, with more pronounced tannins and a smooth finish.

    Tony Sachs: Ecco Domani's Trio Of Wines And The Luxe Lab Bash

  • The chief cow of the herd, who carries the bouquets and garlands, and leads the rest to the chalet, has not a statelier pace.

    Anne of Geierstein

  • Ryan finds herself wandering through the nicer part of the neighborhood, where the houses are a bit statelier, the yards well-groomed and endless, the driveways long and curving.

    The Comeback Season

  • Her speeches, too, are self-revealing — sterner, stiffer, statelier, as if the face she brought to the podium had to be different from the one she brought to her computer each morning.

    Why We Miss Susan Sontag, Volume I

  • I fancied her very walk was quieter, her whole figure statelier and more graceful ...

    First Love

  • I was forced, in short, to put on a statelier and more reserved appearance than usual, to make them avoid acts of complaisance for one another, that might not be proper to be shewn before me, for one who sat as my companion, to my servant.


  • Over time, as the gentry multiplied, statelier homes demanded something more than just a hidden pot.


  • Much like a Coast Guard cutter, he has broken up the ice so another, statelier ship could sail through.

    March 2004

  • If he did not equip me with the useful colloquial phrases, the fault was mine; and the misfortune was doubly mine when from my old acquaintance with Italian (glib half-sister of the statelier Spanish) the Italian phrases would thrust forward as the equivalent of the English words I could not always think of.

    Familiar Spanish Travels

  • Assam, the Madrassee, is handsomer and statelier than Babu at Malacca; a smart Malay lad helps him, and a Chinaman sits on the steps and pulls the punkah.

    The Golden Chersonese and the way thither


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