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  • noun A ship's boat, smaller than a launch, propelled by steam.


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  • His news was that the Blitz's steam-cutter had come in on the morning tide, and he had met von Brüning when marketing at the inn.

    The Riddle of the Sands

  • The captain's steam-cutter was already afloat, and her sailors busy with sidelights and engines.

    The Riddle of the Sands

  • You knew where you were with spies -- anyone with the necessary experience could spot a doubtful customer as soon as the dhow that carried him came alongside; and irregular but frequent visits at the various ports soon put a stop to the mine-industry and prevented any materialisation of the submarine menace except in reports from Aden which caused me a good many additional trips in an armed steam-cutter to "go, look, see."


  • This was all to the good, as otherwise I should have had to go close in with the steam-cutter, a white flag and a megaphone to warn Arab civilians; thus giving the Turks time to clear, besides the chance of a sitting-shot at us if they thought my address to the townsfolk a violation of the rules of war, which, technically, it might be.


  • Next morning we stood slowly in for Um-Lejj with the steam-cutter groping ahead for the channel, which is about as tortuous a piece of navigation as you can get off this coast, and that is saying a good deal.


  • You've never seen a steam-cutter let down on the deck,

    Traffics and Discoveries

  • The coal had to be loaded upon barges, and then they had to be towed by a steam-cutter alongside the steamer which was anchored more than a quarter of a mile from the coast, and then the unloading and reloading had to begin -- an exhausting task when the barge kept rocking against the steamer and the men could scarcely keep on their legs for sea-sickness.

    The Bishop and Other Stories

  • Will you send a despatch by the steam-cutter to Prince Suliman, asking for the launch?

    Tales of the Malayan Coast From Penang to the Philippines

  • One of them was moving: that was the steam-cutter going to the steamer, and it seemed to be coming back to tell them whether the work was to be done or not.

    The Bishop and Other Stories

  • Seven small boats, of which two were whale-boats, a steam-cutter, six sledges, snow-shoes for each of the crew, four Gatling cannons and thirty guns, with the necessary ammunition, were stored away on board.

    The Waif of the "Cynthia"


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