steam-radiator love


from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A nest or collection of iron pipes in ranks or coils, through which steam is passed to heat a room, etc. See cuts under radiator.


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  • But when, as probably developed at this point, Mr. Cuyler was advised that his remarks bore convincing traces of the proximity of an active steam-radiator and that the broker knew perfectly well that the

    White Ashes

  • The rooms were the smallest they had ever seen, but they were clean, and the price was only fifty cents a day -- a dollar and a half a week for Thyrsis 'and two dollars for Corydon's, because there was a steam-radiator in it.

    Love's Pilgrimage

  • The steam-radiator had proved a farce, anyway -- there was never any steam, and they had had to use gas-heaters.

    Love's Pilgrimage

  • They had this melancholy retreat to themselves, and seated on the divan enclosing the central steam-radiator, they were staring silently at the glass cabinets mounted in ebonised wood which contained the recovered fragments of Ilium.

    The Age of Innocence

  • She cried a little, far back in her throat with the small hissing noise of a steam-radiator, and tried a poor futile scheme for easing her head in the crotch of her elbow.

    The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story

  • I'm just about ready to settle down by the old steam-radiator.

    The Blood Red Dawn

  • Mr. Flint's office bore all the conventional signs of business -- commissions of authority from insurance companies, state licenses in oak frames, an oil-painting of Thomas Sawyer Flint, the founder of the firm, over a fireplace that maintained its useless dignity in spite of the steam-radiator near the window.

    The Blood Red Dawn

  • The panels will heat the water used by the the building's steam-radiator heating system.

    Smoky Mountain News

  • "Think of the bliss of being where you have only to turn a screw in your steam-radiator to escape from this beastly cold.

    Hillsboro People


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