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  • n. A sounding device connected with the boiler of a steam-engine, either stationary, locomotive, or marine, for the purpose of announcing hours of work, signaling, etc.


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  • Opened its white-fangy mouth and let out a steam-whistle scream-hiss-honk, people recoiling from the rail with deliciously shivery little squeals.

    New Race

  • A bicycle brake caliper and cable control a steam-whistle valve, which unleashes the vapor in high-volume bursts that ignite as they pass an electric barbecue starter switch.

    Ingenious Hellraiser Fires Up Homebrew Flamethrowers

  • Besides containing the analogy of the steam-whistle that contributes nothing to the locomotive's work, this essay compares consciousness to the sound of the bell of a clock that has no role in keeping the time, and treats volition as a symbol in consciousness of the brain-state cause of an action.


  • Hearing boys shouting and F'licit's steam-whistle shrieks, he had dropped the rail he was holding and rushed down the hill, thinking that she was being tormented.

    A Breath of Snow and Ashes

  • At daylight I was awakened by a yelping of shrill voices, accompanied by a great commotion in the water, and the short, bullying blasts of a steam-whistle.

    Falk, by Joseph Conrad

  • A sound like the constant blowing of a steam-whistle in the distance was said to be produced by a large monkey.

    The Golden Chersonese and the way thither

  • Then, the mill-hands who passed to and fro, or sat outside the fence, were a very rough lot; and five times a day you had to stop in what you were saying and wait for the shriek of the steam-whistle to subside.

    Ultima Thule

  • Didn't know nothing until Madam started shrieking like a steam-whistle, sir.

    The Gates Of Sleep

  • I hear the locomotives rushing and roaring, and the shrill steam-whistle

    Nothing Like It in the World The Men Who Built the Transcontinental Railroad 1863-1869

  • He gave the girl a small shake, to stop her steam-whistle screeches.

    Drums of Autumn


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