steel-jacketed love


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  • Its nose was spread to the size of a half-dollar, its butt-end, steel-jacketed, was undamaged.


  • Tudor was notching his steel-jacketed bullets, or cutting them blunt, so that they would spread on striking -- in short, he was making them into the vicious dum-dum prohibited in modern warfare.

    Chapter 27

  • He prays to God in some dim, dumb way, and vaguely imagines when he has been expedited from this sad world by a machete slash or bayonet thrust or high-velocity steel-jacketed bullet that all will be made square in that other world where God rules and where taskmasters are not.

    Mexico's Army and Ours

  • Then Wolverine signs up to get steel-jacketed bones so that he can kill his brother, though the military quickly tries to kill him as Wolvie was only supposed to be proof of concept and this is the 1970s so military budgets are extremely high.

    Nick Mamatas' Journal

  • The forensic pathologist had recovered two 9-millimeter steel-jacketed slugs, one of which had penetrated the heart and the other the superior vena cava.

    Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

  • There was a box of steel-jacketed hollow points beside the gun, a load that would bring serious grief to anyone-Sidhe or mortal-that it hit.

    Beyond World's End

  • This is not good, Eric thought, hoping his shields would hold against stray bullets as well as spells, knowing that if the bullets were steel-jacketed they probably wouldn't after the first one or two.

    Beyond World's End

  • The Unseleighe creatures burned where the steel-jacketed slugs had hit them, collapsing inward around the lumps of deathmetal like ice thrown onto hot coals.

    Spirits White As Lightning

  • In moments elven-fire had consumed his entire body as the steel-jacketed bullet did its work.

    Beyond World's End

  • He pushed the release and examined the opened cylinder-three flat-faced aluminum wadcutters and two steel-jacketed slugs-then snapped it closed and returned it under the dash.

    A Bomb Built in Hell


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