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  • n. Any of several herbivorous dinosaurs of the suborder Stegosauria of the Jurassic to the Cretaceous periods, having a double row of upright bony plates along the back, long hind legs, a short neck, and a relatively small head.

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  • n. Any of several extinct herbivorous dinosaurs, of the suborder Stegosauria, having two rows of bony plates along the back

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  • n. herbivorous ornithischian dinosaur with a row of bony plates along its back and a spiked tail probably used as a weapon


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

New Latin Stegosaurus, genus name : Greek stegos, roof; see stegodon + Greek sauros, lizard.


  • Otherwise, we have more of the lumbering and vaguely stegosaur-like "stegodons" seen elsewhere in Azeroth and a bizarre mutation of basilisk that they're calling "Diemetradon" (clearly loosely inspired by the Permian-aged Dimetrodon, which, you'll note, isn't a dinosaur, but, rather, a pelycosaurian synapsid).

    Howard Hughes Looks the Other Way

  • If the Stegopodus pedal specimen we propose to shift the emphasis from the manus to the pes in the revised diagnosis of this ichnotaxon and similar ichnites are proper stegosaur footprints, Deltapodus must have been left by another thyreophoran trackmaker.

    Neoceratopsian publications for 2008

  • Thus, problems with stegosaur tracks possibly stem from the expectation of their quadrupedality.

    Neoceratopsian publications for 2008

  • Massive but short stegosaur forelimbs suggest primarily bipedal locomotion, and quadrupedal defense posture.

    Neoceratopsian publications for 2008

  • Note that the boxed stegosaur at far right is a blatant rip-off of this model.

    Toys toys toys

  • They're probably just ornaments to allow one stegosaur to recognize another of its own species, says UC Berkeley's Kevin Padian.

    Tech and Science

  • She had traveled to Sudan to touch the backbone of a fossilized stegosaur, and wrote of her frustration when she divined nothing from it.

    The Shell Collector : Stories

  • From the opening chapter, where the only way a palaeontologist can be recruited to the project is to be presented with the chilled head of a stegosaur, Swanwick drags you into an ever widening spiral of discovery, realtionships and temporal paradox that swings from the deep past to the deep future.

    The first great SF novel of the 21st century?

  • Has the charm of watching man and stegosaur in perfect harmony been lost as the story slips out of Gurney's hands?

    The Tuesday Lunchtime "Installing W2KAS" Review: Dinotopia Lost

  • The plated stegosaur was discovered just over 150 years ago in the Bushmans River area in the Eastern Cape by Dr WG Atherstone and

    ANC Daily News Briefing


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