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  • n. An essential characteristic of a stem cell that distinguishes it from ordinary cells


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  • When it's turned off, the cell starts to lose its "stemness". - latest science and technology news stories

  • UNC researchers reveal how a protein called Tet1 helps stem cells keep their "stemness" in

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  • Fellows will continue our studies identifying novel markers and determinants of corneal epithelial "stemness".

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  • The iPS cells were less efficient than the ES cells at incorporating into chimeric mice - a standard test of pluripotency, or 'stemness'.

    Scientific American

  • Shalom-Feuerstein R, Rivetti di Val Cervo P, Aberdam D, Knight RA, et al. (2008) miR-203 represses 'stemness' by repressing DeltaNp63.

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  • Myc has also been recently recognized as an important regulator of "stemness" as it is able both to activate an embryonic stem cell-like transcriptional module and, when ectopically expressed, to increase the cancer stem cell fraction and enhance tumorigenicity

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  • Nicolis SK (2007) Cancer stem cells and "stemness" genes in neuro-oncology.

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  • Cells of the meristem can acquire stem cell identity, reflected in their level of stemness, which is controlled by a WUS-dependent signal (

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  • Of the 220 genes that [24] identified as a core set of "stemness" genes common to multiple types of stem cells but not found in differentiated cells, 26. 8% (60/220) are expressed by Bergmann glia at P6 (

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  • “They lose their stemness,” Rao told The Scientist.

    Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Prove Unstable | Impact Lab


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