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  • adj. Capable of living or growing only within a limited range of temperature.

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  • adj. Able to tolerate only a narrow range of temperatures

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  • In zoology, incapable of enduring a great range of temperature; not found in places differing greatly in their temperature: contrasted with eurythermal.


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steno- +‎ thermal


  • For example, The Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) is stenothermal (thrives within a narrow range of temperatures)yet it thrived just fine until man came along and ate it to endangered status, and now with global climate change, it could get worse for the species.

    Uncia uncia (Panthera uncia) - The Panda's Thumb

  • Thus, boreal species should be quick to spread in warm currents in periods of warming, while the more stenothermal arctic species (i.e., those able to live within a narrow temperature range only) will perish quickly.

    Future change in processes and impacts on Arctic biota

  • Natural stream fish assemblages in Ecoregion 12 are typically a mix of mesothermal minnows and suckers but some stenothermal salmonids and sculpins are also present.

    Ecoregions of Idaho (EPA)

  • Cavies are stenothermal creatures, meaning they can tolerate only a narrow range of temperature - between 65 and 80 degrees year-round.

    The News Tribune Blogs


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