stereoelectronic love



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  • adjective biochemistry Of or pertaining to the dependence of certain molecular properties upon the relative nuclear geometry in a given electron state.


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stereo- +‎ electron + ic


  • The stereoelectronic ideas which emerged from this work are still widely used in chemistry and mechanistic enzymology.

    Elias James Corey - Autobiography

  • Our main research topics were concerned with NMR studies of conformational rate processes, nitrogen inversion, quadrupolar relaxation, molecular motions and liquid structure, as well as ab initio quantum chemical computations of inversion barriers, of electronic structures and later on, of stereoelectronic effects.

    Jean-Marie Lehn - Autobiography

  • Theoretical Organic Chemistry: Ab initio conformational analysis: computation of nitrogen and phosphine inversion, of the electronic structure of hydrocarbons, of stereoelectronic effects on chemical reactivity; theoretical studies of molecular receptors and recognition processes.

    Jean-Marie Lehn - Curriculum Vitae

  • Based on the stereoelectronic requirements for an incipient oxocarbenium-ion, the

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles


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