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  • adverb In a stereospecific manner


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  • Bershitsky SY, Tsaturyan AK, Bershitskaya ON, Mashanov GI, Brown P, et al. (1997) Muscle force is generated by myosin heads stereospecifically attached to actin.

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  • Type 1 attachments are closest to the strong binding configuration and would thus appear to be best suited for contributing to Phase 2 rapid force recovery if the release distance was ~5 nm observed that the stiffness attributable to attached bridges was constant up through Phase 2, while Bershitsky et al. [22] found that stiffness of weak binding bridges that were not stereospecifically attached to actin was unchanged during the weak-to-strong transition that brought about stereospecific attachment and force development.

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  • Type 1 bridges seen here that are not stereospecifically attached could well be capable of contributing to the stiffness attributed by Bershitsky et al. to weak binding bridges, yet transform without stiffness change to stereospecific strong binding force generating bridges during the phase 2 rapid force recovery observed by Lombardi et al. The Type 2 attachments, which are not attached to actin at all but rather contact TM, may instead be responsible for a more delayed Phase 3 tension recovery.

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  • (4S) - limonene is hydroxy - lated regiospecifically and stereospecifically at C6 to give (-) - trans-carveol as the sole product, (4R) - limonene leads to multiple products indicating allylic rearrangement [5,9]; overview [8]) [1, 5] P?

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