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  • n. The voice, now especially when loud or strong.
  • n. Speech, language.
  • n. Voice; cry; that which is uttered; petition; prayer.
  • n. A word, command, bidding or direction given.
  • n. A promise, one's word.
  • n. An outcry, shout, or loud call; a clamour/clamor, noise; din.
  • n. A sound, the sound of a horn; melody, tune; song; sound made by an animal or a bird.
  • v. To speak; utter; describe; tell of; name.
  • v. To voice an opinion; vote.
  • v. To vouch; speak up (for).
  • v. To bespeak.
  • v. To talk; call out; shout; make a noise.
  • n. A time, occasion.
  • n. A set time; a date or appointment.
  • v. To call; summon; command; appoint.
  • v. To alternate; take turns.

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  • n. Voice; speech; language.
  • n. An outcry; a loud call; a clamor.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To speak; utter; tell of; name.
  • To call; summon; command; appoint.
  • To bespeak.
  • To talk; call out; shout; make a noise.
  • n. Voice; the voice.
  • n. Speech; speaking; crying out.
  • n. That which is uttered; a speech or cry; prayer.
  • n. Word; bidding; command; direction.
  • n. One's word or promise; an agreement; an appointment; hence, anything fixed by appointment.


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From Middle English steven ("voice, command, constitution"), from Old English stefn, stemn ("voice"), from Proto-Germanic *stebnō, *stemnō (“voice”), from Proto-Indo-European *stomen- (“mouth, muzzle”). Cognate with Old Frisian stifne, stemme ("voice"), Old Saxon stemna (Dutch stem, "voice"), Old High German stimma, stimna (German Stimme, "voice"), Gothic 𐍃𐍄𐌹𐌱𐌽𐌰 (stibna, "voice"), Ancient Greek στόμα (stóma, "mouth"). See also stevvon.

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From Middle English steven ("appointment"), from Old English stefn ("a time, turn, tour of duty"), from Proto-Germanic *stabnijaz, *stabnijô (“fixed time”), from Proto-Indo-European *stebh- (“a stake, post; to support, stamp, insist, become angry”). Cognate with Middle Low German stevene ("a court appointment"), Old Norse stefna ("appointment, meeting"). More at staff.


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