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  • adj. In a sticky manner.

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  • adv. in a sticky viscid manner


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  • Instead of soft clouds of sweetly sour fruit tucked beneath a comforting blanket of biscuity pastry, the tatin brazenly displays its wares, stickily caramelised and decadently buttery, on the outside – the humble base reduced to a mere vehicle for the apples in their sugary finery.

    How to cook perfect tarte tatin

  • We have an unemployment rate that is beginning to look stickily stuck above 9%.

    The Only Policy Left: Growth

  • I find the accompanying sauce, made from a mixture of double cream, treacle and demerara sugar far too rich for the pudding – it's blandly creamy, rather than stickily toffeeish.

    How to cook perfect sticky toffee pudding

  • Famously among my friends, I am not very interested in drinking stickily sweet wines.

    Wine: Life is sweet

  • “You, icy sweetness of strawberry, chocolate or vanilla, melting, stickily into your inverted dunce cap, ravisher of appetites, leading the younger generation from the straight and narrow paths of spinach, pilferer of the pennies that might go to make a fortune; destroyer of the peace of homes, instrument of bribery and reward of virtue.”

    One Big Table

  • The rebreather came out a bit stickily, like pulling toffee stuck between her teeth.


  • Local Color In this picturesque place, one of the most stickily visual scenes I had ever witnessed occurred right next door, in the Kodama Hotel courtyard.


  • Strands of hair adhered stickily to my cheeks, clinging stubbornly as I tried to smooth them back.

    Sick Cycle Carousel

  • It moved slowly, almost stickily, as if the other side of it were embedded in something glutinous and syrupy

    Cassandra Clare: The Mortal Instrument Series

  • She followed the parade of - well, those sycophants, swindlers, hucksters and crackpots mentioned above - who extolled McCain's saintly virtues, and his possible lineal descent from the Almighty Himself, and his miraculous transformation to a selfless long-suffering hero standing alone against all the forces of Evil, between stickily sweet videos about what Boyscouts (and Girlscouts!) we all, as Americans, ultimately must aspire to be (just as soon as we make our FY money.)

    RNC Convention: Barbie Shoots a Moose. Barbie Goes To Washington.


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