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  • v. Present participle of stick up.


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  • Natalie Angier wrote, “I want to discover anew the value of sisterhood, of females sticking up for each other, which the bonobos pygmy chimpanzees do to such a degree that they are rarely violated or even pestered by males, despite the males being larger and stronger.”

    I Used to Have a Handle on Life But It Broke

  • The big metal box sticking up from the roof looked like a storage shed, but the double doors and eye-reader gave it away.


  • And on the near swing of the bluey primrose, sticking up through the marvellous liquid pale yellow glaze, the black fins of sharks.


  • One man was hatless, his hair sticking up on one side as if he had just risen from bed and not even run his fingers across his head.

    Cold Mountain

  • Flat, plain, snapped-off bars sticking up out of the sidewalk, or bowing, flowered scrolls that look like they should have broken years ago.

    The Kitchen Daughter

  • To Debbie Matenopoulos: For sticking up for me 1000% every single time.

    Follow the Model

  • As they stood outside the barn, swearing and com-plaining, Robert noticed something sticking up out of the morning fog on the adjacent show ground.

    Practical Demonkeeping

  • Richard Payne Knight tells us that Pan was worshipped by the Shepherds under the form of the tall fir, and Bacchus "by sticking up the rude trunk of a tree."

    The Journal of Abnormal Psychology

  • From the other side, a convertible Jaguar barreled at him in the same lane, driven by the utterly oblivious Reggie Longswallow, his long pink neck sticking up well above the windshield.

    The Welkening

  • I have strolled over my old walking places, and found the same old stone walls, the same old footpaths through the rye-fields, the same bends in the river, the same old bullfrogs with their green spectacles on, the same old terrapins sticking up their heads and bowing as I go by; and nothing was wanting but my wife to talk with to make all complete ....

    The Life of Harriet Beecher Stowe


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