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  • adj. Resembling a stick in form


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

stick +‎ -like


  • At least twelve pictures of Kenneth stood in polished silver frames: a skinny wee boy in baggy shorts with oversize gloves dangling on the ends of sticklike arms; with different opponents facing off against each other; with a group shot of equally skinny boys in the ring; with all the club members on the annual ferry trip down the Clyde.

    A Small Death in the Great Glen

  • The premise of the book is charming: those primitive paintings found in Africa of sticklike hunters bringing down prey are not simply crude drawings of human hunters, rather they represent an ancient and mostly vanished race of sticklike beings who would venture into our world from the spirit world to hunt.

    Seth Pfefferle’s Stickman « Skulls in the Stars

  • Behind the pallbearers marched a six-piece brass band led by local legend Lionel Batiste, a sticklike man of indeterminate age wearing a sash saying “Jolly Bunch” and twirling a cane.

    The Lampshade

  • That was so much fun to watch that I almost missed a strange sticklike thing lying in the ditch by the side of the road.

    To Fetch a Thief

  • They settle their sticklike barrels against the half panes of their windows and wait for closer ground.


  • He was of average human height, with a barrel-shaped chest and rather sticklike arms and legs.


  • Sister Anthony became a wraith, ghostly and pale, her trembling limbs sticklike under her thick robes.


  • The ranks of the crowd parted reluctantly as the horse, a strong bay, poked its long nose between two sets of shoulders, Before the astonished eyes of everyone-including me-the sticklike figure of Ned Gowan spryly dismounted.

    Sick Cycle Carousel

  • He gestured with a sticklike finger at the general's flat assailant.

    Men Don't Leave Me

  • He stared at the carving for a time before reaching out a sticklike finger to touch it, as if it were some priceless antiquity.

    Men Don't Leave Me


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