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  • The charred hulk of a car stood in front of a still-burning home that sent plumes of black smoke into the air.

    Official: Gadhafi's son al-Saadi flees to Niger

  • It was clear what had happened: One of them had dropped a match or a cigarette butt or a still-burning ember into the scrap bin.


  • — Ideal wildfire conditions developed across the southern plains as rainfall encouraged rapid plant growth, followed by drought and hot weather to launch still-burning fires consuming millions of acres.

    Weather records, and Americans, battered by spring

  • - In the event of a complete meltdown, the still-burning hot nuclear fuel could drip to the floor of the reactor.

    What is a Nuclear Meltdown?

  • Then I really got a good look at the still-burning remains of Mabila, realized what I was seeing . . . smelling.

    Fire The Sky

  • Mr. Borcina then poured the still-burning ashes into a bag he placed in a trash can toward the back of the home, officials said.

    Fireplace Embers Blamed

  • Before Brian (sheepishly) signed my book he asked me to hold his ciggie's still-burning dog-end.

    Cricket & Tobacco: A Match Made on a True Pitch

  • I'm fascinated by this episode's suggestion that Bill's relationship with Sookie (and Sookie's mortality) may have something to do with his still-burning grief for his wife.

    Mark Blankenship: True Blood Sucker Punch: Season 3, Ep. 3

  • Like still-burning embers beneath the ashes, the heat they created could ignite a nationalist movement to overthrow the occupation government.


  • The mutilated corpse of Gangut, which had received a direct hit from a flight bomb on its deck, together with the massive, still-burning sixty-thousand-ton hulk of Sovyestkiy Soyuz, which had had its hull penetrated by five torpedoes, were slowly sinking in the grey, still waters of the Neva estuary.

    DBTL 16B: Tora! Tora! Tora!


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