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  • n. The state or condition of being stinky.

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  • n. the attribute of having a strong offensive smell


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

stinky +‎ -ness


  • Limburger Perhaps most famous for its "stinkiness," Limburger cheese originated in Belgium (before becoming popular in Germany) and gets its trademark odor from bacteria living in the rind.


  • The question was this: Does the stinkiness of stinky cheese enhance its flavor, have little if any effect, or serve as a distraction?

    A Stinky Job, but...

  • In spite of ducks 'messiness and stinkiness, they always make me smile and are a great addition to any farm!

    Runner Ducks

  • Apparently the pee goes from the urinals to some sort of holding tank adjacent to the restroom which has mineral oil floating atop the urine to prevent stinkiness.

    Tuesday, Feb. 16 – The Bleat.

  • Apart from that episode and the rough, canvas, three-feet-in-diameter folding bath we are forced to use to cold-water wash our shivering bodies whenever Mum catches a whiff of boy stinkiness, the trip is spectacular.

    Late, Late at Night

  • Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have opposed CAFTA and the South Korea trade pact, either of which would be much more comparable to NAFTA than the Peru thing in terms of scale and stinkiness.

    Edwards Campaign Accuses Hillary Of Laughing At Loss Of American Jobs ��� Did She?

  • Either suck it up and endure the pain and stinkiness, or buy some different shoes.

    Mihal Freinquel: Put Your Fashion Anxiety to Rest

  • This weekend I have to do laundry or there will be madness and stinkiness! next week.

    Torture, a present of Goth Girls, wings and corsets and a weekend challenge to YOU

  • Katy's reaction would be to demonstrate how comfy the afghan was and she'd be up in the chair getting hair and stinkiness all over the beautiful finished project!

    FO, and retreat!

  • The Conan the Destroyer movie adaptation that doesn't help the terrible stinkiness of the movie one bit.

    Conan Stuff the the Emerald City Comicon!


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