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  • adj. Of or pertaining to a stoma.

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  • In botany and zoology, relating or belonging to stomata.

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  • adj. relating to or of the nature of or having a mouth or mouthlike opening
  • adj. relating to or constituting plant stomata


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  • Gil-Pelegrin emphasises the effectiveness of the technique, "even to detect critical moments for plants, such as stomatal closure". - latest science and technology news stories

  • Additionally, these measurements are consistent with various less accurate methods such as using the size of stomatal pores on tree leaves, boron isotope measurements in plankton buried under the ocean, or carbon isotope ratios in algae buried in the ocean floors, moss samples, and foraminefera carbonate shells.

    Archive 2010-03-01

  • As internal leaf CO2 concentrations decline due to stomatal closure, the enzyme Rubisco tends to fix more oxygen and liberates CO2 in a process known as photorespiration.


  • Needles are 2-6 cm long, flattened, strongly waxy and silvery-white on the lower surface, green above, mostly 2-ranked, spreading horizontally, not concealing the upper surface of twigs, the needles 1-ranked and spiraled higher on the tree; resin canals marginal, located near the lower epidermis; stomatal rows absent on the upper surface at midleaf, 5-7 stomatal rows on each side of midrib of lower surface.

    Grand fir

  • Relationships among maximum stomatal conductance, ecosystem surface conductance, carbon assimilation rate, and plant nitrogen nutrition: a global ecology scaling exercise.

    Effects of changes in climate and UV radiation levels on function of arctic ecosystems in the short and long term

  • Conversely, sensible heat flux is a larger proportion of the energy transfer to the atmosphere when air is cold and moist or when drought limits stomatal conductance under dry conditions.

    Effects of climate change on landscape and regional processes and feedbacks to the climate system in the Arctic

  • Cold moist air from coastal oceans, for example, minimizes latent heat flux (evapotranspiration), as does extremely warm dry air, which can induce stomatal closure [40]; evapotranspiration is therefore greatest at intermediate temperatures.

    Effects of climate change on landscape and regional processes and feedbacks to the climate system in the Arctic

  • Morphological and chemical characters, such as needle tip shape, stomatal arrangement, and terpene content, separate the two white fir varieties.

    White fir

  • The last word on stomatal density has not been written yet:To which Eli responded

    Rabett Run

  • The optimal stomatal aperture size is one in which the interest rate, WUE, is maximized as the environmental conditions change.



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