from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Hard as a stone; unfeeling.
  • Firm; fast.


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  • Brys stopped and looked at her, his face stone-hard through the white mist of his breath.


  • The demon had me up against the wall; I could feel stone behind my head and stone beneath my grasping fingers, and a stone-hard body pressing hard against me, bony knee between my own, stone and bone, between my own" legs, more stony hardness" ah.

    Sick Cycle Carousel

  • This one "feels sluggish and tired; its relentless, not-so-great gags hit with the soft thud of stone-hard bread crumbs."

    GreenCine Daily: Shrek the Third.

  • Something caught him by the foot and he went crashing down onto the centuries-old, stone-hard earth.


  • The light tracer ammunition whistled in the air from all sides with flashes of light bouncing off the stone-hard ground, catapulting into the air to buzz away aimlessly.

    Sealing Their Fate

  • They're trying really hard, stone-hard to inculcate their values to their kids.

    In Austin, Texas, I pay my traditional visit to the 10 Commandment monument.

  • Before he'd realized what he was doing he'd had his hands around her throat, his fingers squeezing, and something inside him had gone stone-hard and icy cold.

    Wicked Pleasures

  • He felt no sorrow or remorse, just the stone-hard hunger of a separate kind.


  • After coming up with the scheme, the wrights used to joke about how some addlepated loader might manage to trip over the toolbox, flip the pliers off the safety switch with one hand and the tape off the start cap with the other, before tripping the heavy-gauge spring-loaded start switch with his stone-hard forehead on the way down.

    Again to Carthage

  • Lewis, in turn, was staring at the two of us with a stone-hard expression and dark, impenetrable eyes.

    Thin Air


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