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  • n. a room in which things are stored


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  • Emerging from beneath the concealing pile of un-crushed cartons, he climbed out of the compacter and surveyed the storage room at the rear of the market.

    Impossible Places

  • She'd leafed through a signing dictionary a couple of days ago, while sitting in the Gazelles storage room waiting for Kosta to try to steal the Daviees 'spare angel, and she had all the signs memorized.


  • Since she still considered it Alice’s domain, she resisted killing another hour reorganizing the storage room and the desk drawers to her personal specifications.

    The Hollow

  • The block’s ordinary purpose was as a massive storage room underneath the helicopter deck, but it doubled as a safe haven in emergencies.

    The Ark

  • A storage room filled with empty kegs from the last shipment of likker.

    He Don't Know Him

  • “That’s right,” Odo said, making his appearance in the storage room just as Sisko noticed thankfully that Base’s squealing had finally stopped.


  • I had to admit I did not); and a storage room with shelves of books, a future, dreamed-about library (“These people will read anything and everything, given a chance”).

    A Monstrous Regiment of Women

  • I met with Vittorio Roncoroni in a sort of storage room behind the segreteria.

    The Italian Summer

  • Before that happened, Flinx promised himself, they would have found their way to the vast common storage room beneath the port and worked their way up to join its stalwart defenders‑assuming any had managed to hold out against the attacking fanatics and provided that they did not encounter any more haustorium‑firing fungi or pseudo‑vexfoots along the way.

    Flinx In Flux


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