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from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. of or concerning programs stored in the computer's own memory


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  • These designs were flexible and powerful, punched card controlled general-purpose calculators, embodying many features that would later be incorporated into the modern stored-program computer.

    Babbage, Charles

  • In 1945 Turing joined the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in London, his brief to design and develop an electronic stored-program digital computer for scientific work.

    The Modern History of Computing

  • At the Moore School, von Neumann emphasised the importance of the stored-program concept for electronic computing, including the possibility of allowing the machine to modify its own program in useful ways while running (for example, in order to control loops and branching).

    The Modern History of Computing

  • As a result of his high profile in the field, it became customary, although historically inappropriate, to refer to electronic stored-program digital computers as ˜von Neumann machines™.

    The Modern History of Computing

  • In 1945, while ENIAC was still under construction, von Neumann produced a draft report, mentioned previously, setting out the ENIAC group's ideas for an electronic stored-program general-purpose digital computer, the EDVAC

    The Modern History of Computing

  • (A program-controlled computer, as opposed to a stored-program computer, is set up for a new task by re-routing wires, by means of plugs etc.)

    The Modern History of Computing

  • Von Neumann was a prestigious figure and he made the concept of a high-speed stored-program digital computer widely known through his writings and public addresses.

    The Modern History of Computing

  • IBM 701, 1952, International Business Machine's first mass-produced electronic stored-program computer.

    The Modern History of Computing

  • The first electronic stored-program digital computer to be proposed in the U.S. was the EDVAC (see below).

    The Modern History of Computing

  • To those acquainted with the universal Turing machine of 1936, and the associated stored-program concept, Flowers 'racks of digital electronic equipment were proof of the feasibility of using large numbers of vacuum tubes to implement a high-speed general-purpose stored-program computer.

    The Modern History of Computing


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