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  • adj. Tossed by the wind in a storm.


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storm +‎ tossed


  • Her extraordinary characters - Elias Smith the outcast saviour, the religious zealot Mazzie Fishman, the murderous mayor Stan Bruiser, the moth-ridden Captain Nicoli Finn, the activist and prodigal son Will Phantom, and, above all, the rulers of the family, the queen of the rubbish-dump and the fish-embalming king of time, Angel Day and Normal Phantom - are larger than life figures who stride across this stormtossed world.

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  • Within several decades, a forest is erected, substantial enough to withstand the pounding surf and stormtossed tides.

    The Field Guide to Wildlife Habitats of the Eastern United States

  • Alone again, Moichi's gaze raced outward, from the teeming foreshore, riding the white crests of the rolling sea like a stormtossed gull, recalling those long days and nights aboard the Kiaku, sailing south, ever south with his captain, Ronin, who had returned from Ama-no-mori transformed into the Sunset Warrior.

    beneath an opal moon

  • For all the duration of the storm she rode, a helpless derelict, upon those stormtossed waves of wind.

    The Chessmen of Mars

  • And little drifting blobs, the survivors in pressure suits who had leaped from the wreckage; little blobs ignored, whirled away or drawn forward as by chance the sweeping gravity-beams fell upon them; tiny derelicts, floating stormtossed until the Moon's attraction caught and pulled them down, or a whirling disc cut through them, or the distant aura of a bolt shocked them to a merciful death.

    Wandl the Invader

  • His domain is the blue heavens, the glistening rolls of clouds below the fleecy banks towering above, the vague aërial horizon, and he must watch it as carefully as a navigator watches the stormtossed sea.

    Flying for France. With the American Escadrille at Verdun

  • Far away in the west the sun was setting and the last glow of all too fleeting day lingered lovingly on sea and strand, on the proud promontory of dear old Howth guarding as ever the waters of the bay, on the weedgrown rocks along Sandymount shore and, last but not least, on the quiet church whence there streamed forth at times upon the stillness the voice of prayer to her who is in her pure radiance a beacon ever to the stormtossed heart of man, Mary, star of the sea.


  • Makin" you all sit out here on this stormtossed spot.

    Galaxy Jane


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