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  • n. Plural form of stratagem.


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  • One of her major stratagems is re-examining the writings of the sociologist Erving Goffman — the results of which can include sentences like "But if we do presume a self with an interior life, we are led to explore gender codes that regulate the emotional bottom of that life fully as much as the interactional surface."

    Nannyhood and Apple Pie

  • “We must not heed them the Zionists in their call to achieve redemption on our own,” he wrote, “for we are not permitted to hasten the End even by reciting too many prayers, much less so by corporeal stratagems, that is, to set out from exile by force.”

    The Chosen Peoples

  • Force may, without doubt, be justly repelled by force, but not by treachery and fraud; for I do not call the stratagems of war, such as ambuscades, masked batteries, false attacks, etc., frauds or treachery:

    Letters to his son on The Art of Becoming a Man of the World and a Gentleman

  • Spendius took care of his men; he dreamed of plans and strove to recall the stratagems which he had heard described in his travels.


  • Lapin Agil ', come with me into that _auberge_ of the Avenue Trudaine where are banned catch-coin stratagems, fleshly pyrotechnics, that little refuge whose wall gives forth the tableau of Salis, he of the

    Europe After 8:15

  • Then, what Marcas called the stratagems of stupidity -- you strike a man, and he seems convinced, he nods his head -- everything is settled; next day, this india-rubber ball, flattened for a moment, has recovered itself in the course of the night; it is as full of wind as ever; you must begin all over again; and you go on till you understand that you are not dealing with a man, but with a lump of gum that loses shape in the sunshine.

    Z. Marcas

  • Until it tackles it own systemic failure – a task it shows neither the inclination nor the competence to achieve – it is not remotely well placed to be devising fifth-form stratagems for "dealing with" Fifa.

    Who next for Sepp Blatter's Fifa brains trust – Cheryl Cole? | Marina Hyde

  • But if these stratagems fall on deaf ears, here are two more tips -- just to keep in your back pocket.

    Philip Galanes: 'Tis the Season (for Political Hijacking)

  • Brand, meanwhile, thought that secret negotiations, bribes and stalling techniques would be the best stratagems to use with the Nazis.

    Lives in Balance-Jim Gillett

  • As it seeks to become more of an oil producer, Chesapeake has resorted to an exotic menu of financial stratagems to fund an aggressive drilling campaign.

    Chesapeake Boosts Cash Goal


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