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  • Obsolete or dialectal (Scotch) forms of straight.


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  • Glossary: hail = whole fient = hardly straucht = straight dwine = dwindle forfochten = worn out abrede = spread tae gar = to make warldis = all the world remeid = relief mirk = darkness thir = these dule = misery leal = loyal soothfu = truthful

    Oh Wee White Rose of Scotland

  • He croonshed doon, an 'jookit frae side to side, an' then jamp straucht up an 'lut flee at something wi' the bissam shaft.

    My Man Sandy

  • I cudna help frae notisin 'hoo it garred a'body sit straucht up.

    My Man Sandy

  • I'm gaun straucht awa 'ower to Rundell's the morn, at the time when Mr. Rundell gangs hame frae the office for his breakfast, an' I'll tell him everything aboot the contracts.

    The Underworld The Story of Robert Sinclair, Miner

  • Noo, laddie, keep ye a quiet watch -- sayin 'naethin'; but aye wait on wi 'eye an' ear for onything further suspeecious at hame, an 'if ye hear puir "Brownie" skreighin' come your ways straucht here for me -- an 'we'll see if we canna tackle the evil -- an' with the help o 'Heaven, scotch it.'

    Border Ghost Stories

  • They wondered and watched him, till of a sudden he turned to the water and wadit in, keeping straucht on till he was oot

    The Moon Endureth: Tales and Fancies

  • Weel, he ran greeting to the manse for Mr. Dishart, and the lady heard him crying to Jean through the door, and what does she do but gang straucht to the Tenements wi 'Sam'l.

    The Little Minister

  • They agreed to march straucht to the square if the alarm wasna given, but if it was they were to break into small bodies and surround the town so that you couldna get out.

    The Little Minister

  • 'Mr. Dishart,' he says, 'if you'll let me break out nows and nans, I could, bide straucht atween times, but I canna keep sober if I hinna a drink to look forrit to.'

    The Little Minister

  • "We're gaun as straucht hame as the darkness 'll let us."

    The Little Minister


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