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  • n. A form of exercise in which the goal is to increase the strength of muscles through low numbers of repetitions of an exercise performed with high resistance.


strength +‎ training (Wiktionary)


  • Along with strength training three days a week, you cross train aerobically, maybe alternating among jogging, going to spin class, and swimming.

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  • Very important research recently reported from Michael Goran, PhD, professor of preventative medicine at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, showed that over-weight Latino boys who performed strength training twice a week for sixteen weeks significantly reduced their risk of insulin resistance.

    Lange 2010

  • In addition to morning classes of interval training, running, yoga, strength training and spinning, "campers" check in regularly with their trainer, attend group discussions and follow customized nutrition plans. rss feed

  • I just recently saw a class at a health club packed full of people jumping with hand weights onto BOSU Balls, which are an instability tool for strength training and look like fitness balls cut in half.

    Lange 2010

  • By performing both cardiovascular exercise and strength training concurrently, you are asking your body to adapt both aerobically (cardio) and anaerobically (strength training), which results in different hormonal triggers.

    Lange 2010

  • When you begin a strength training exercise with either free weights, an SPRI exercise tube, or a strength-training machine, as soon as you curl your fist upward, you are placing some force against your bicep muscle.

    Lange 2010

  • See also re-evaluation excuses execution of plans and being loved to death and doing activities and journals and setting goals steps in exercise aerobic amount of time for and coaches and HADs and heart rate motivation for of physically challenged and plan for health and fitness as punishment strength training stretching whole body

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  • Do you remember back in Chapter 2 when I said that performing strength training gave you heart-health benefits and an increased metabolism?

    Lange 2010


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