strong-smelling love



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  • adj. having a strong odor


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  • Sipping a strong-smelling coffee, Hix looks at home in this subterranean Soho speakeasy, which, along with the restaurant upstairs, has been open two years.

    Observer Food Monthly Awards 2011 Best Place to Drink: Mark's Bar

  • The slightly weather-beaten interior seemed to suit the cheerful group that piled in, heading, predictably, for a cabinet that housed a particularly rare vintage of something golden and strong-smelling.

    Starcraft II: Devils’ Due

  • Another man knelt beside him and was massaging a strong-smelling Chinese balm into the still-fresh wound.

    A Simple Case

  • Other Asian favorites, such as strong-smelling urian, likely won't make it into his kitchen any time soon.

    Chef Shuns Food Fads

  • The most common causes of strong-smelling urine are insufficient fluid intake, a urinary-tract infection (in which case urine may also be dark yellow), or certain vegetables, such as asparagus or broccoli.

    Q&A: Statin side effect?

  • You could also try standard breath-improving measures such as chewing sugarless cinnamon gum, using a tongue cleaner to gently scrape away bacteria, and avoiding strong-smelling foods like garlic and onions.

    Q&A: Do low-carb diets cause bad breath?

  • Consumer Reports medical adviser, suggests 10 warning signs to look out for at the salon, such as looking out for unmarked bottles, unusually strong-smelling chemicals, and an unclean environment.

    Fingers and toes: What’s hot, what’s not

  • If you think you have an infection — signaled by strong-smelling urine plus the need to urinate frequently or a burning sensation when you go — contact your doctor.

    Q&A: Statin side effect?

  • You cup your strong-smelling, sticky-soft fingers around my ear and saylet's blow this city.


  • Created by the good Dr. Max Jacobson, this substance, which was also used by Jack Kennedy when he was president, was later found to be mainly speed with some strong-smelling B vitamin thrown in for effect.

    Full Frontal Nudity


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