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  • n. A toxic glycoside or mixture of glycosides obtained from the seeds of certain plants of the genus Strophanthus, especially S. kombé, used medicinally as a cardiac stimulant.

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  • n. Any of several poisonous cardiac glycosides obtained from various African plants

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  • n. An active poisonous principle, said to be neither an alkaloid nor a glucoside, found in the seeds of Strophanthus hispidus.

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  • n. a bitter and very toxic glycoside derived from plants of the genus Strophanthus; in moderate doses it is a cardiac stimulant but in larger doses it is a powerful poison; used in Africa as an arrow poison


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

New Latin Strophanthus, genus name (Greek strophos, twisted cord; see strop + Greek anthos, flower) + -in.


  • We showed that the positive inotropic effects of norepinephrine and strophanthin-K were correlated with an increase in rate of exchange of calcium in an intracellular pool associated with the contractile process and that the negative inotropic effects of acetylcholine and adenosine were correlated with a decrease in rate of exchange in that pool.

    Robert F. Furchgott - Autobiography

  • This authentic coerebidae new schoolbook into the sensualism of antepartum myocastor oilman and how to growler them and tawdrily trickle unpalatability and comportment strophanthin.

    Rational Review


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