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  • n. Plural form of stye.


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  • It can block the glands there and lead to styes and dry eyes.

    Shira Hirschman Weiss: Cosmetics, Creams And Eye Health

  • Now, he needs to take a good look at who is on his team, how their preferred leadership styes differ from his own and each other, the pros and cons of that, and then he should make sure that he has placed each person where their leadership style does the most good.

    Kathleen Reardon: What Kind of Leader Did The General Expect?

  • When she had got them into her house, she set them upon benches and seats and mixed them in a mess with cheese, honey, meal and Pramnian wine, but she drugged it with wicked poisons to make them forget their homes, and when they had drunk she turned them into pigs by a stroke of her wand, and shut them up in her pig styes.

    The Temptation of Taste « worlds in a grain of sand

  • Apparently because pigs tend to dig themselves out of styes that have corners.

    Archive 2010-04-01

  • I don't see it as demotion. dick newby was kennedys bag carrier and sadly sucombed to the same bunker mentality that he did in the end. i think given the traumas of the last 2 months having a COS in the commons is a good move. he'll also be very useful if as appears likely, the pig styes are to be cleared in cowley street.

    Norman Lamb Appointed Ming's Chief of Staff

  • Straight-backed, small-headed, big-barrelled oxen, as dissimilar from any wild species as can well be imagined, contended for attention and praise with sheep of half-a-dozen different breeds and styes of bloated preposterous pigs, no more like a wild boar or sow than a city alderman is like an ourang-outang.


  • To the left was a poultry yard, with a stable and pig-styes, the roofs finished, like that of the house, with rough deal boards nailed so as to overlap, and shabbily thatched with rushes.

    Le Colonel Chabert

  • "Our classrooms are worse than pig styes and in the face of that ugly situation our teachers are forging ahead with their duties without looking back," he said.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • In their styes with all their backing they don't care what goes on around,

    Piggies (Kinfauns Home Demo)

  • Hours of draggle-tailing it through the bushes and peering into cottage pig-styes, and scaring out molting hens.

    The Leper of Saint Giles


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