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  • n. A document issued by a publisher informing authors how to style their works for publication.
  • n. A document consisting of markup that describes the layout and presentation to be used when displaying other documents.


style +‎ sheet (Wiktionary)


  • $stylesheet = file_get_contents ( "{$phpbb_root_path} styles/{$this - theme [ 'theme_path']}/theme/stylesheet. css");

  • $stylesheet = file_get_contents ( "{$phpbb_root_path} styles/{$this - > theme [ 'theme_path']}/theme/stylesheet. css");

  • In fact, the term stylesheet is part of the XSLT name because of its ability to change the content of the XML document - think cascading stylesheets (CSS) with HTML and you get the point.

    Database Journal News

  • When the user visits any post within that specific category, the custom stylesheet is used for those blog posts.

    Creating Multiple Single Posts for Different Categories « Lorelle on WordPress

  • The default stylesheet is still the same, but you can choose from small type,

    Living in Dryden: Choose your type size

  • I reference my stylesheet from the code inside the window, but it acts as though some of the elements in that sheet are not being used.

    ColdFusion Talk (CF-Talk) Mailing List RSS Feed

  • It will open the actual Demonstrations stylesheet from the Mathematica layout, which is where you can explore all the details I’ve been describing.

    Wolfram Blog : The Form of a Form

  • Update: I changed the blog’s main stylesheet as a reader suggested and that did the trick.

    Reflective Surface - Layout

  • Everything discussed so far is configured in the Demonstrations stylesheet, which is accessed here:

    Wolfram Blog : The Form of a Form

  • The following is an example of the first few lines of the stylesheet, called the stylesheet header, for the Theme "Rose": are required for WordPress to be able to identify a Theme and display it in the

    Codex - Recent changes [en]


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