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  • n. A secondary account that belongs to a separate parent account.


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sub- +‎ account


  • First, you'll pay a management fee on that subaccount, which is similar to the fee you'd pay on an actively managed mutual fund, and the subaccount may also have a load.


  • However, if the underlying value of the mutual funds in his "subaccount" declines due to poor stock market performance, the annuity owner would not necessarily be able to bail out of the contract and receive all of his original ($100,000) investment as a lump sum payment.

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  • Prefatory note #2: Although my below discussion generally assumes the inclusion of primarily stock market mutual fund investments in your "subaccount," you could, at any time and in any degree, freely substitute less volatile bond income -- and / or money market -- investments.

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  • The three of us discussed virtually every conceivable aspect of the annuity and its LIS Plus rider; additionally, we discussed the annuity's "subaccount," i.e., which individual mutual funds -- or which "asset allocation portfolios" (ultra-diversified "funds of funds") -- I could invest in.

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  • Ibbotson's Mr. Idzorek recommends that investors take advantage of the downside protection in a variable annuity by investing their subaccount funds as aggressively as their contract allows.

    Making the Case to Buy an Annuity

  • With this type of annuity, investors maintain control over their money, which they invest in a subaccount of stocks and bonds—but they're also promised a guaranteed income.

    An Annuity Can Still Make Sense

  • This example illustrates the impact that the cost of riders has on subaccount performance.

    Living And Death Benefit Riders: How Do They Work?

  • To do a community blog on blogger, someone with blogger has to set up a new blog as a subaccount and then email invites to all of those who want to be contributers (you must have a blogger account to contribute as far as I know).

    Just Do It

  • Generally your money is invested through a subaccount that is separate from the insurer's assets and not covered by state associations.

    Protections for AIG Policyholders

  • While parents and other relatives can continue to make contributions to the plan, the $500 grant from the foundation will be put into a subaccount, which can't be touched unless the funds are withdrawn for qualified educational purposes.

    In Maine, a Head Start


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