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  • n. A closed subset of an algebra.


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  • Then a state is operationally separated with respect to T if T's application does not change the result of applying the state to any element of the other subalgebra: it is operationally separable with respect to T if it is operationally separated, either with respect to T, or with respect to some other operation T* that coincides with the action of T on the other subalgebra.

    Holism and Nonseparability in Physics

  • As I pointed out, the subalgebra generated by L_m with m 0 contains no reference to the conformal anomaly.

    String Theory is Losing the Public Debate

  • Hence this subalgebra admits a nilpotent BRST operator, and can be viewed as a gauge symmetry.

    String Theory is Losing the Public Debate

  • A subalgebra of an algebra is a set of elements of the algebra closed under the operations of the algebra.


  • N of natural numbers form a subalgebra of the powerset Boolean algebra 2N not isomorphic to the free Boolean algebra, but it has atoms, namely the singleton sets.


  • In fact, for every region R, you can find and define a subalgebra of the full algebra of operators, they argue.

    The Reference Frame

  • h (A) is the subalgebra of B consisting of elements of the form h (a) for a in A.


  • (His proposal has been systematized by Gudder (1970), who takes a context C to be a maximal Boolean subalgebra of the lattice

    Bell's Theorem

  • For set-free formulations which, like those considered here, strictly adhere to a standard first-order language with a denumerable supply of open formulas, the correct way of summarizing the algebraic strength of GEM is this: Any model of this theory is isomorphic to a Boolean subalgebra of a complete Boolean algebra with the zero element removed ” a subalgebra that is not necessarily complete if Zermelo-Frankel set theory with the axiom of choice is consistent.

    Wild Dreams Of Reality, 3

  • A von Neumann algebra is a * - subalgebra of the set of bounded operators B (H) on a Hilbert space H that is closed in the weak operator topology and contains the identity operator ” the

    Quantum Theory: von Neumann vs. Dirac


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