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  • n. A subset of an array


sub- +‎ array (Wiktionary)


  • We will observe NGC 1850 with all full-frame UVIS filters using a subarray (UVIS1-C512A) without moving the telescope, as well as the quad filters with a 512x512 specifically designed subarray.

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  • The source of this has not been narrowed down and we need to determine whether the photometry is consistent over the detector or if it is just the region of the subarray (corner) that is showing higher counts.

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  • A smaller set of 2Kx4K subarray biases are acquired at less frequent intervals throughout the cycle to support subarray science observations.

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  • Suppose we use a variant of quicksort where we always choose as the * 8.6 pivot the first element in the subarray being sorted.

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  • We can improve the constant factor still further if we make some effort to pick pivots that divide each subarray into close-to-equal parts.

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  • For example, we could choose three elements of a subarray at random, and pick the middle one as the pivot.

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  • Because of the importance of this survival comparison to the public policy question concerning the impact of the dams on Columbia River salmon conservation, we made a particular effort in 2006 to build an extensive detection subarray consisting of six lines of paired acoustic receivers spaced a few kilometers apart within the lower Fraser River.

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