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  • noun A subdivision of a band (especially one of frequencies)


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  • The Kiowas and their subband the Kiowa—or Plains—Apaches a very small, Athapaskan-speaking tribe never numbered more than eighteen hundred—a small fraction of Comanche strength at its apogee.19


  • The resulting two-stage transformed image is 69 70 8.7 Wavelet Packets 87 Discrete Wavelet Transform In the usual dyadic wavelet decomposition, only the low-pass filtered subband is recursively decomposed and thus can be represented by a logarithmic l arithmic tree str ct re structure.

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  • To this end the entering video signal is divided into a plurality of subbands, e.g., the DC coefficients are arranged in one subband and the AC coefficients in remaining subbands, followed by a formatting in blocks of identical size, each block of which includes a DC coefficient and a multitude of AC coefficients. Notable Patent Applications - 06/03/2010

  • These modifications are of the type: Modification of the sign bits of the coefficients, modification of the improvement bits of the coefficients, the choice of the appropriate coefficients belonging to a frequency subband for shifting (exchanging) them, rotation of a block regrouping the frequency coefficients arranged in increasing order while attempting to respect to the maximum the static properties and entropy of the original signal. Notable Patent Applications - 06/03/2010

  • Th transformed i l The f d image now contains four i f subbands LL, HL, LH, and HH, standing for low-low, high-low, etc. g The LL subband can be further decomposed to yield yet another level of decomposition.

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  • For example, as the Advanced class is phased out, the 'phone subband (in the USA) will be inhabited mostly by Generals and Extras. News

  • The foreign 'phones operate in the US CW / data subband to get away from US' phone QRM, too. News

  • Maybe we do need to keep a small segment of "protected" space at the low end of each band for CW and other narrowband modes, but we have no subband restrictions at all on 160, and operators of the various modes work things out for ourselves pretty well on that band. News

  • He received the Best Paper Award of EURASIP in 1984 for his paper on multidimensional subband coding, the Research Prize of the Brown Bovery Corporation (Switzerland) in 1986 for his doctoral thesis, the IEEE Signal Processing Society's Senior Awards in 1991 and in 1996 (for papers with D. LeGall and K. Ramchandran, respectively).

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  • I would go along with that, * if* other subband restrictions would also be eased up. News


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