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  • n. A subset of a game that can be considered a game in its own right
  • n. A minor or incidental game within a larger video game; a minigame.


sub- +‎ game (Wiktionary)


  • It can be expressed by saying that the strategy-pair is a nash equilibrium for every subgame of the original game, where a subgame is the result of taking a node of the original game tree as the root, pruning away everything that does not descend from it.

    Prisoner's Dilemma

  • Other participants selections provided results that were consistent with the trust and reciprocity effects observed in the 1995 Berg, Dickhaut, and McCabe experiment, in contrast with the subgame-perfect equilibrium expected by neoclassical economic assumptions.

    Lying Online

  • If there was a subgame involving bikini models we'd really be talking, but there isn't, so shut up.

    Captain America To Be Directed By… Oh. Really? That Guy?

  • But, still, a subgame where you trample a wizard might have been a nice touch for Liong The Dragon too.

    SLACKERJACK – Dragon Dash

  • In more technical terms, the only nash equilibria of the game are those where the first player takes two dollars on the first move and the only subgame perfect equilibrium is the one in which both players take $2 on any turn they should get.

    Prisoner's Dilemma

  • I22, Fiona does not necessarily have good reason to think that Alan will follow the backwards induction solution of the subgame beginning at I22, and hence she might not have good reason to follow the backwards induction solution, either.

    Common Knowledge

  • Square Enix has developed the shoot-em-up subgame from its first incarnation into a really enjoyable rail shooter that sees you blasting your way through absolute legions of space-faring Heartless.

    Kingdom Hearts II Post-Mortem

  • But if there are just two strategies, then it is true that there are two equilibria though only one is subgame perfect. posted by Mungowitz @ 1/30/2006 03:01:00 PM

    Sorry I'm Late

  • Once upon a time, it was conceivable that virtual wealth might be a pretty cool and dynamic subgame/obstacle for players to overcome, but the facts on the ground are a little different today and aren't set to change.

    Korean National Assembly to Outlaw RMT

  • If your MMOG has an economic subgame, have no doubt about it... you CAN expect that on Day One a thousand industrious little workers will be lined up and coached on how to kill wolves or whatever so company x can put n currency on eBay that same week of release.

    Korean National Assembly to Outlaw RMT


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