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  • n. A star that has left the main sequence but has not yet become a true giant star.


sub- +‎ giant (Wiktionary)


  • Eventually, perhaps 10 or 100 million years from now, subgiant stars like HD 200964 and 24

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  • Algol B (Beta Persei B) is a orange-red subgiant star of spectral class K0-2 IV.

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  • As a subgiant, the star is also 3.4 times as luminous as our Sun.

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  • The paradox is a result of Algol A being more massive star of the binary pair, yet still a main sequence star, while the less massive Algol B has already reached the subgiant stage in its evolution.

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  • The close binary Algol system contains a radio-bright KIV subgiant star in a very close (0.062 astronomical units) and rapid (2.86 day) orbit with a main sequence B8 star.

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  • A large body of evidence points to the existence of an extended, complex coronal magnetosphere originating at the cooler K subgiant

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  • Here we report multi-epoch radio imaging of the Algol system, in which we see a large, persistent coronal loop approximately one subgiant diameter in height, whose base is straddling the subgiant and whose apex is oriented towards the B8 star.

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  • These distances (with errors of 0.05 mag) will be used to determine the ages of globular clusters using the luminosity of the subgiant branch as an age indicator.

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  • As Delta Pavonis is usually bright for its spectral type, it is suspected that the star is beginning to evolve off the main sequence on its way to becoming a subgiant star as it starts to fuse more and more helium at its core.

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  • 51 Pegasi is a yellow-orange main sequence star of spectral class of G4-5 Va, although it has been previously classified as G2IV-V (meaning either a dwarf or a subgiant).

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