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  • v. Present participle of sublimate.


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  • Moreover,by telling its suffering with these terms, which reminds us of Christ's, the speaker is "sublimating" its experience.


  • When we take the energy of those impulses and channel them into something healthy or constructive, or even something that just isn’t harmful, that’s called sublimating.

    Black Pain

  • The snow is "sublimating," through a process that is similar to evaporation. - top

  • After sublimating their right-leaning social agenda in favor of a jobs agenda to wrest control from the Democrats in the midterms, they are picking up where they left off.

    After 'forcible rape,' another abortion restriction

  • His ambiguity was a virtue; ditto his skill at sublimating the political issues that fascinate him into compelling stories about intimate relationships between human beings.


  • Talos refrained from mentioning his lack of an Asimov circuit, consciously sublimating the need to explain his past before the child.

    NaNoWriMo: The Lucky H « The Graveyard

  • What is important to me is that if they have convictions, that they follow those convictions, and that they're not cowed into sublimating them because they're afraid of career repercussions.

    Gregory Weinkauf: Chimes of Freedom: Artists Talk Amnesty

  • It was, once again, me sublimating my needs in order to be other people's mommy.

    Thor's Day

  • The devil started to fade, sublimating into a fog of evil.

    Father's day

  • Refuge comes at a price and for Artest it meant sublimating his ego and his tendency to be a distraction.

    Paula Duffy: Ron Artest Ready to Contribute, Not Distract Lakers in NBA Finals


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