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  • n. A list that makes up part of a larger list.


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sub- +‎ list


  • And since Latex works very hard to get spacings right, telling it to do a sublist is the "right thing to do".

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  • With the exception of Japan, all the countries on this high-income sublist are those with small populations, like microscopic Luxembourg, which fits its half-million people into less than 1,000 square miles.

    Overall Ranking

  • This sublist of the Best Countries with large populations speaks volumes about the new global economic and political order that is currently taking shape.

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  • The last reason on our not-exciting sublist, #57, dull writing , also responds well, in my experience, to input from a good first reader, writing group, or freelance editor.

    Author! Author! » Blog Archive » Seeing submissions from the other side of the desk, part X: Millicent’s frequent sense of déjà vu, or, the benefits of venturing off the beaten path

  • But if we cannot tell which of the sublists contains a single random digit by purely statistical means, then when cannot tell of either sublist that it contains a single non-random digit.

    Clear Thinking?

  • The approaching-zero-gee alarm was beginning to sound as Kosta found the proper sublist; and the ship's rotation was nearly at a stop by the time he located the current status information.


  • Then click System Tools, and there should be another sublist, which includes Disk Cleanup and Disk Defrag.

    Wired Campus

  • Anyway, why is there a separate sublist of References for December 2003?

    CreationWiki - Recent changes [en]

  • The only item that is excluded from this rule is the [Group-ActionListView-Categories] which is used for sublist headers (like 'Recent documents' inside the Documents section).

    Planet KDE

  • Also I would like another function to remove a sublist based on the 1st value of the sublist (regardless of any additional values in the sublist) (remove-from-list-car 2 ListTemp) would return

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