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  • adj. less than maximal

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  • Nearly but not quite maximal.


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sub- +‎ maximal


  • Sperlich et al. in Germany on the other hand found no performance benefits in well-trained endurance athletes performing submaximal (70% VO2max) and maximal tests on a treadmill using control socks, below-the-knee compression socks, compression tights and full body compression suits in regard to oxygen uptake, lactate concentrations, perceived exertion ratings, muscles soreness and time to exhaustion values.

    VeloNews Training Center: The benefits of compression clothing for cycling

  • “Steady state submaximal cardiorespiratory exercise in the absence of dietary change does not impact fat loss very much”.

    Odds and ends June 28, 2009 | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • In their case it is the explosive effort involved in propelling their body weight that results in increased muscular development, whereas the long, drawn-out, submaximal effort made by endurance athletes only makes their muscles smaller and leaner.


  • Prolonged submaximal exercise and L-carnitine in humans.

    The Best Alternative Medicine

  • Effect of L-carnitine on submaximal exercise metabolism after depletion of muscle glycogen.

    The Best Alternative Medicine

  • With some individuals, the submaximal test is continued and they are exercised to maximum.

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  • Conversely in some submaximal tests, no measurements are made other than the time it takes to run a specific distance not recommended for sedentary people.

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  • Repeating the submaximal test after a few weeks is a good way to gauge progress and increased aerobic capacity in those who are exercising on a regular basis.

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  • During the submaximal test you can walk on a treadmill, step up and down on a bench, or ride a stationary bike through a series of progressively more difficult stages until you reach a predetermined end point.

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  • The dosage of the substance of known potency given first must be such that a submaximal reticulocyte response will result.

    George R. Minot - Nobel Lecture


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