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  • adj. Below the molecular scale; smaller than a molecule


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sub- +‎ molecular


  • That device is capable of rearranging matter on a submolecular level.

    Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Seize the Fire

  • Yes, but will your existence be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing, nothing, nothing but the truth down to the submolecular, quantum level, so help you the American Literary Taliban you know, God.

    Stray Questions for: Jim Holt - Paper Cuts Blog -

  • Hopefully with the help of smart scientists working at the submolecular level, the scariest headlines we will likely read in the future will be "Terrorist Plot Foiled" rather than the ones we saw following the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001.

    Nanotech Takes On Homeland Terror

  • Based on her calculations, one of the submolecular compounds in the toxin would be stimulated by the short-frequency light rays and start to vibrate.


  • At the same time, Lieutenant Dax had been working with the poster itself, using a new, submolecular chromatography procedure capable of isolating and identifying the DNA markers from a sample smaller than a single cell.


  • And in the 'air of the room, moved by tiny submolecular machines drifted, seeking entry points into infinitely larger machines.

    Delta Search

  • "Don't you remember the paper I submitted to the Journal of Quantum Medicine last month, about the submolecular effects of wormhole passage?"

    Time's Enemy

  • On this conception, then, the mutations ordinarily result from submicroscopic accidents, that is, from caprices of thermal agitation, that occur on a molecular and submolecular scale.

    Hermann J. Muller - Nobel Lecture

  • In other words, they cannot be determinate in a molar sense, but must themselves be caused by the ultramicroscopic accidents of the molecular and submolecular motions, i.e. by the individual quantum exchanges of thermal agitation, taking this word in a broad sense.

    Hermann J. Muller - Nobel Lecture

  • We have done lot of work showing that Dimebon effects on mitochondria are potent and robust and you may see further functional studies of mitochondria showing what the range of effects of Dimebon are on mitochondria and cell function but as far as submolecular targets we are reserving that for ourselves to allow us to make second or third generation compounds.



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