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  • n. A subdivision of a mountain range
  • n. A subset of a given range or numeric set


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sub- +‎ range


  • And that's also interesting: it's a subrange of the Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world.


  • · Subrange/stdin: Commands now support reading an image from stdin in conjunction with a subrange specification (e.g. "- [1]").

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  • Observe, however, that if we wanted the member type to be other than a subrange type, we could create a mapping, with a hash table, for example, that assigned these to unique integers in a subrange.

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  • Tipe data lain Subrange Tipe data subrange merupakan tipe data bilangan yang mempunyai jangkauan nilai tertentu sesuai dengan yang ditetapkan programmer.

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  • Berikut ini contoh deklarasi tipe data subrange dalam Delphi.

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  • In Pascal the index set may be an enumerated type, such as (north, east, south, west), or a subrange type, such as 1..10.

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  • Many languages allow only subrange types (finite sets of consecutive integers) as index types.

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  • Crew members hiked 55 miles in four days and climbed four mountain peaks to traverse the Great Balsam Mountains, which are a subrange of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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