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  • n. Plural form of substituent.


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  • A particular example is the definition of frequent, simple single-ended amino acid binding sites, whose focus on affinity for side chain atoms frees α-carbon substituents for the posited peptide forming reactions (Fig. 7).

    Are Stereochemical Explanations Causally Sufficient?

  • Symptoms of aliphatic hydrocarbon ingestion, in the absence of toxic substituents, are confined to the gastrointestinal tract and the respiratory tract.

    Hydrocarbon Ingestion

  • In 1873, after van't Hoff had moved to Paris to work with Charles Adolphe Wurtz, he realized that the phenomenon of optical activity possessed by some organic molecules — their ability to rotate plane-polarized light — could be explained by the two possible arrangements of four different substituents in the space around a carbon atom.

    Van't Hoff, Jacobus Henricus

  • The method is not subject to changes in ring substituents as is the D/L naming of sugars.

    Irwin Rose - Autobiography

  • As these polymers have large substituents, the doping effect is poor.

    Hideki Shirakawa - Autobiography

  • However, these polymers can be modified by introducing various substituents with interesting optical and thermal properties.

    Hideki Shirakawa - Autobiography

  • Thus those of the emodin type (with substituents in both terminal rings A and C) are usually derived through the acetatemalonate (polyketide) pathway in both higher and lower plants, while the alizarin (without substituents in ring A) type of anthraquinones are derived through the shikimic acid pathway.

    Chapter 7

  • Although high-level theory predicts these helium bonds to be quite short with relatively high stretching frequencies, the kinetic barriers to the loss of helium are predicted to be small, and are not increased by the strategy of having bulky substituents on the ring ligand.

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  • In addition, the catalytic process is efficient for the synthesis of symmetric and a range of asymmetric aromatic azo compounds from the mixtures of two anilines substituted with electron-donor and electron-acceptor substituents.

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  • Calculates the 3J coupling constant from the dihedral angle and the electronegativity of the substituents using either the Altona equation or a generalized Karplus equation. now compatible with Snow Leopard.

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