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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of subsume.


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  • He became almost invisible in The Talented Mr. Ripley, a mousy killer who subsumes the identity of the people he destroys.

    Michael Giltz: DVDs: How Good Is Matt Damon? Damn Good

  • With the Palestinian game at the United Nations seemingly on track, divisions between Hamas and Fatah as deep as ever, and Hamas continuing to call for the erasure of Israel, Israel is more likely than not to hunker down and reinvigorate a siege mentality that subsumes all other concerns under the security rubric.

    Brent E. Sasley: A Pessimistic Take on the Likely Outcomes of the Protests in Israel

  • In the author's Unified Field Theory of Cinema, Hollywood finally subsumes all things and all events, no matter how far they might occur from California.

    Films in Fraught Times

  • In other words: Updike does not give over his prose to the task of probing his character's consciousness; he does not present us with a psychologlical portrait that subsumes either style or form to fiction's putative capacity to delve within, to make characters "real" to us by inviting us into their minds.

    Updike, John

  • The opposite of secret laws is openly specified, written down laws, and a strong form of that, which subsumes e.g. the rule of lenity and the prohibition on ambiguous criminal laws, is something like: nobody should be convicted of a crime unless it was unambiguously written in a law, which they could (at least in theory) read, that their behavior was criminal.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Debating Textualism

  • I am happy that Hughes is having this pie he made thrown in his face -- how amazingly appropriate that the fine-grained neighborhood institutional character of our city even subsumes the authority of the Church!

    Your Right Hand Thief

  • The bad news for Greeks goes on and on and begs questions about the sustainability of a European model that penalizes heavily unionized states, favors economic predation, blurs national dignity in a mélange of branded clichés and subsumes historical richness in the largess of right now.

    Tony Phillips: Europe's Financial Houses to Broker Big Fat Greek Clearance Sale

  • He subsumes his agenda to the extent that it's hard to know what he stands for.

    Harry Reid, The Man Who Never Says Goodbye

  • It inverts and subsumes any subcultural unit that aims to proliferate outside it bounds.

    Rajiv Naresh: Meme Wars and the Death of the Underground

  • Not only does their relationship drive the film, but it subsumes the action sequences and lets them build towards a viable, completely satisfying emotional conclusion, and not the other way around.

    Overlooked Movie Monday: Midnight Run » Scene-Stealers


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