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  • We must do Mr. Hariot the justice to say, however, that he had some little suspicion of the "subtiltie" of the weroances

    The Complete Project Gutenberg Writings of Charles Dudley Warner

  • We must do Mr. Hariot the justice to say, however, that he had some little suspicion of the "subtiltie" of the weroances (chiefs) and the priests.

    Captain John Smith

  • Thus the Friers simplicity, wrought on by her most ingenious subtiltie, made way to obtaine both their longing desires.

    The Decameron

  • And wher (as I said afore) thei haue in all handi worckes a passing subtiltie of witte, yet in the knowledge of heauenly thinges, thei are altogether to learne: that is to saie, the are vtterly ignoraunt.

    The Fardle of Facions, conteining the aunciente maners, customes and lawes, of the peoples enhabiting the two partes of the earth, called Affricke and Asie

  • Returning to Calicut, he used “great subtiltie,” escaped to the “Portugales,” and was well received by the viceroy.

    Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah and Meccah

  • Truly they have made mee thinke of the Sophister {172}, that with too much subtiltie would prove two Egges three, and though he might bee counted a Sophister, had none for his labour.

    Defence of Poesie

  • For in this word [_reproóue_] because there is no extraordinary sence to be inferred, he keepeth his sharpe accent vpon the sillable [_proóue_] but in the former verses because they seeme to encounter ech other, they do thereby merite an audible and pleasant alteration of their accents in those sillables that cause the subtiltie.

    The Arte of English Poesie

  • Your last proportion is that of figure, so called for that it yelds an ocular representation, your meeters being by good symmetrie reduced into certaine Geometricall figures, whereby the maker is restrained to keepe him within his bounds, and sheweth not onley more art, but serueth also much better for briefenesse and subtiltie of deuice.

    The Arte of English Poesie

  • And this science in his perfection, can not grow, but by some diuine instinct, the Platonicks call it _furor_: or by excellencie of nature and complexion: or by great subtiltie of the spirits

    The Arte of English Poesie

  • _Harold at his returne into England reporteth to K. Edward what he had doone beyond the seas, and what the king said vnto him in that behalfe, who foresaw the comming of the Normans into this land to conquer it; when and why king Edward promised to make duke William his heire, (wherein note his subtiltie) dissention betwixt Harold and

    Chronicles (1 of 6): The Historie of England (8 of 8) The Eight Booke of the Historie of England


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