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  • adj. bad; terrible


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  • and if you really need me to remind you, even after you used my favorite not word "sucktastic," I will be happy to oblige.

    Would Billie Holiday Win American Idol If She Were Still Alive?

  • The truly sucktastic part is that he would be voting against it for the right reasons, because Whoa Nellie that is one disgusting sausage.

    Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » Reminder

  • That sounds like a sucktastic way to spend my day, especially since Exodus Earth is free in the On Demand section now.

    Wonk Room » Chris Bowers: The Progressive Failure To Engage The Grassroots on Climate Change

  • It too is sucktastic, and further feedback might help me turn it into something merely lame, but at some point I have to start listening to that voice at the back of my head, grow up and start developing my own ability to recognize quality.

    Archive 2009-12-01

  • Is it possible to underline links you put in posts, sometimes they are fiendishly difficult to differentiate from surrounding text colors (at least for me, b/c my color vision is sucktastic).

    Back On Their Feet

  • I was trolling LinkedIn tonight and looking for a sucktastic summary to rewrite.

    Liz Ryan: She Doesn't Know We've Rewritten Her LinkedIn Summary

  • I haven't seen any zombies yet, but so far, it's pretty sucktastic.

    June 2010

  • Have you noted how the more the hardware becomes the focus, the more sucktastic the movie gets?

    The Gun Nut Takes Aim At Shooter

  • Well, since I know he internet ego surfs constantly, I think he's a lazy, undisciplined writer whose personal issues and lack of insight glare forth on every page, and most of the stories I've seen in that magazine since I first looked at it first two issues are pretty sucktastic.


  • When I started to figure out last night that I may not be as sucktastic as I have come to believe, I was overwhelmed with grief, which I poured in snot, tears, and mascara all over the Palinode's t-shirt.

    Looking Up


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