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  • This could be no more wor­ry­ing than with a title suf­fixed "Part One", thoughts of incom­plete plots and abrupt con­clu­sions abound.

    Anime Nano!

  • Elsewhere ( "In the World, Not of It"), [1] Lessing has expressed her admiration for one Idries Shah, a busy contemporary purveyor of Sufism (from the Arab word suf, meaning wool… the costume for ascetics).

    Paradise Regained

  • The ballots used when voting upon a proposed measure under section forty C or forty D, or a measure or part thereof protested against under section forty F, shall state the nature of the measure in terms suf - ficient to show the substance thereof.

    Acts and resolves passed by the General Court

  • The most probable derivation is from "suf" (wool), for, as a rule, Sufis wear woollen garments to distinguish themselves from the crowd, who love gaudy attire.

    Mystics and Saints of Islam

  • On the criminal side, the problem is not so much an absence of applicable law though there are holes that need filling but rather the mobilization of sufficient political will to actually enforce the laws that exist by making important organizational reforms or through other means.

    David Isenberg: Outsourcing War and Peace: Part 2

  • Thus, the point of this analysis is not to say that the legal framework is sufficient and therefore we have no problem but to say that we should not be focusing exclusively on how to solve the supposed legal gaps regarding contractors.

    David Isenberg: Outsourcing War and Peace: Part 2

  • Airline Chief Executive Steve Ridgway said Virgin Atlantic had taken responsibility by paying out millions to customers that suf fered disruption to Christmas travel plans, as required under EU regulations.

    Virgin Freezes Airport Fees

  • He competence possibly trick them (at a time when they have been comatose of a participation of God) in to meditative they have been vital by faith, or have them humour nonetheless a means underneath a misinterpretation which they have been suf fering with Christ in their spirit.

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • During a meeting with an international delegation in February 2009, President Farole explained that military operations against the pirates would not be suf fi cient to end the piracy problem.

    David Isenberg: There is More Than One Way to Use a Maritime PSC

  • It be a full month I have suf - fered the temptations o 'the evil female Tania, longing always for mine own female.

    Here There Are Monsters


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